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The Tony Bulandra Theatre, opened on the 30th of January 2002, quickly became known, both because of its team of artists, and for a rich repertoire and the collaborations with  famous directors of the Romanian and international scene.

Under the leadership of the director Mc Ranin, the institution rapidly became the main cultural landmark in the community of Târgoviște, by presenting the public with creations of established artists such as Mihai Măniuțiu, Alexander Hausvater, Laurian Oniga, Kemal Bașar (Turkey), Suren Shahverdyan (Armenia) or Di Trevis (U.K.). Of the actors of other stages, we mention as guests of the Tony Bulandra Theatre Dan Puric, Carmen Stănescu, Ion Caramitru, Valeria Seciu, Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, George Dinică, Rodica Mandache, Marian Râlea, Tora Vasilescu, Eusebiu Ștefănescu, Marius Manole. 

The Tony Bulandra Theatre of Târgoviște aims to contribute to the construction of a geniune debate pace and promote European cultural values, that involve the cultural operators and institutions of Romania.

General objectives of the Tony Bulandra Theatre Târgoviște:

  1. Providing a favorable context for the creation and promotion of shows in the best conditions possible.
  2. Facilitating the access of the highest possible number of spectators to the theatre’s shows.
  3. Supporting national dramaturgic creation by ensuring it is highlighted through stage renditions.
  4. Constructing and perfecting a personal profile of the institution, in accordance with the management project.
  5. Stimulating and enabling the affirmation of artistic personalities from the field of performing arts.
  6. Establishing and nurturing a superior artistic climate.
  7. Educating and nurturing the young public, in order to better foster the growth of cultural consumption on a local and national level.

Tony Bulandra Theatre is an alive and kicking repertoire theatre, with a rich activity of almost nine premieres per year. It finds its reason of being in the need for Beauty and in the desire to offer it to the spectators. The aesthetic, the artistic Beauty which is above all human classifications, inherited ever since the ancient populations.

Our theatre is a laboratory of transforming the profane elements in sacred ones, of elevating the being above being through modern approaches of prestigious national and international directors on plays from the worldwide theatrical patrimony.

Here work young people for other young people, because they are the ones that experience each time the wonder of being. In search for contemporary texts and young dramaturgy, the theatre is trying to fulfil, through the tackled themes, the need of a community theatre, aware of the present social context.

Tony Bulandra Theatre has a past, a present and a future. It places signs on the Time lapse in order to perpetually (re)gain the path to the Soul.

It was founded on 30th January 2002. From its beginning and until present, the theatre has been participating with its productions in national and international theatre festivals.

Moreover, Tony Bulandra Theatre organizes itself an International Festival of Performing Arts called Babel, that has reached the 6th edition and awaits each year valuable artists from all around the world to rejoice together through essential artistic meetings.



In its fifth year of existence, reaching its artistic prime, the Tony Bulandra Theatre found the neccessary resources to hold the first edition of the Babel Festival. Elements was the umbrella-theme under which all of the scheduled events were united during five days. The events were divided into three sections (Show, Dialog and Workshop) and we had participants from 9 countries. This was the begining for the Performing Arts Festival of Târgoviște, that the next year had as its central theme Superstitions, having again invited international pretigious artists. The 2009 edition was a Crisis edition, with zero budget. National and international artists came and performed during three days, pro bono, out of love for Babel.

After an unwanted hiatus of five years, the 4th edition of the Babel Festival was a strong comeback. The theme was Speach and it reunited artists that spoke unusual languages from 18 countries. Next year, Babel F.A.S.T. 2015 was magnificent event in the festival’s hostory, given the diversity of performances played over 12 days. It could not have been otherwise, given that the theme was Colors. The festival had two sections: between the 1st and 5th of June the Living Puppets Festival took place, dedicated to animation theater, and between the 6th and the 12th the original program was scheduled with: street theater, dance, music. The 6th edition of BABEL F.A.S.T. was a great success, being held from the 4th until de 12th of June, the theme of choice being The Body. Through the performances the public was able to observe all the nuances that the body gains in its perpetual fluctuation between clay dough and sanctuary of the soul, between simple tool and noble art object. The festival was held both in  conventional play areas, as well as in the streets of Târgoviște.

For 2017 the concept will be The Sound; we live in the time of speed. We live surrounded by alarms: phones, memos, cars, horns, sirens… they all set a thrilling, yet syncopated rhythm. Sound represents an important component of theatre. When all the lines have been exhausted, only one remains: silence. Which is also a sound. You hear it whizzing if not, the burst of applause shall interrupt it. Yet another adventure awaits the public for the 7th edition of BABEL F.A.S.T.